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How to Fight Traffic Tickets in NJ

Every day thousands of people are issued traffic tickets. Unfortunately, you may have been one of them. If you got a simple speeding ticket, you may be tempted to pay the fine and forget it. When you get your next insurance bill, you’ll realize that it’s hard to forget. Increased insurance rates can last for years.

One option is to fight your ticket. Obviously, you shouldn’t be obstructive or argumentative with the police officer. All of your fighting will occur after the ticket is issued. Here are some steps to help you fight your ticket:

Contact a NJ traffic lawyer. There are a number of attorneys that have expertise in representing clients in successfully fighting traffic violations. These attorneys will help you do the research necessary to fight the ticket.

Find out which law you’ve been accused of violating. You want to find out if you have grounds to fight your ticket. It’s easy to get your Traffic Violation Guide from your local DMV. Your attorney can also help determine what you’ve been ticketed for and help you put together a strategy.

In some courts, you may contest the ticket by appearing before the court on the arranged date. In other courts, you have to file a non-guilty complaint with the local Clerk of Courts.

Your attorney will help you gain access to any evidence as part of a discovery motion. You’ll see details of the complaint and have an opportunity to prepare to defend yourself against the charges.

Make your court date. You’ll be surprised at how many times a ticket is dismissed because the arresting officer does not make a court appearance. Even if the police officer does appear, your lawyer can help you defend yourself against the charges and question the police officer at court. Your lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf to get the sentence reduced, if not dropped entirely.

It helps to know what is the worst case scenario – if you can’t fight the ticket, what will you be fined and how will your insurance rates be affected? But it’s still important to go into court optimistic and prepared to make a solid case. Make sure that you know where you were, at what time, what date, the road conditions and any weather conditions. All of these elements can be an important part of your defense.

You could walk out of court with a real victory. It’s certainly worth your effort to spend some time researching the violation and how you can benefit from being aggressive in your defense. Don’t just assume that you are guilty – make the effort to defend yourself. You could save a substantial amount of money.

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