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How to Contest Speeding Tickets in New Jersey

There’s nothing more frustrating than cruising down the road, only to look up and see flashing lights in your rear view mirror. You know what it means: a traffic ticket for you and increased insurance rates. Is there anything you can do? Actually yes – it’s possible that you can successfully contest speeding tickets, and save big money.

How do you go about contesting a speeding ticket in New Jersey? Here are some steps for being successful:

Don’t engage the police officer. Don’t try to argue with officer or convince him that you didn’t speed or aren’t guilty of speeding. Anything you say is considered evidence and can be used against you. The less you say, the better. Just be polite, but don’t volunteer extra information.

Check out the ticket and make sure information is accurate. If anything is inaccurate ask the officer to change the ticket. If he or she refuses, make not of the changes. You may be able to testify about these inaccuracies during the court date and have it result in dismissal of the ticket.

Is it in your interest to fight the ticket? Make sure you understand the ramifications of fighting the tickets. Remember, simply paying the ticket is the same as admitting your guilt. While it may seem easy at the time to pay for the ticket, you may be paying for a long time, especially with increased insurance rates. Be committed to fighting the ticket.

Work with an attorney to help you fight the ticket. Your attorney can request that all evidence be released as part of discovery. This helps you determine how to properly defend yourself and develop a strategy for your defense.

Get prepared for trial. Know all the details of your case – where were you headed, what day, what time, what were the weather and traffic conditions. Think about how you would phrase your replies, be clear and concise.

Your attorney can really give you great advice about how to prepare for court and advise you on the potential for reducing your ticket, if not simply dropping the charges all together. You may be questioning whether an attorney is an affordable option for fighting the ticket. But think about the long term expense of the ticket and the increase to insurance. You could be spending thousands of dollars a year in increased insurance. Doesn’t it make sense to seek the advice of an Plainsboro NJ traffic ticket attorney?

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